Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My mom is my style icon

I'm a bit belated for mother's day, but I just have to say... my mom is totally my style icon:

Isn't she fabulous? Love her always. xoxo

Sartorial Lust List - Sam Edelman

I've been looking for new summer shoes online, and I keep getting stuck on any page with Sam Edelman. I am completely head-over-heels for all their new shoes... deciding which pair to get is making me cry! I want all of them!

Beatrix ballet flat in Egyptian Gold, $130, image from

Sophie Sandal in Persimon, $120, image from

Gigi sandal in Tangerine, $52, image from

Grenada Flats, $130,

Nalo sandals, $150, product image from

Sam Edelman Ross sandals, $100, product images from

Sam Edelman Georgina sandal, $120, product images from

Nell sandals, $200, image from

Sam Edelman Yelena Sandal, $99.99, product image from

Sam Edelman Pixie pump, $174.95 at (where the image is from)

Obviously not a shoe... but I don't care! I still want it! Sam Edelman Pouchette, $258, available at .

If you shop at, you can get an extra discount if you use rep code: prillamon . I don't know exactly how much because it depends on the product and whether or not you use an additional coupon code. I looked for coupon codes for, but didn't find anything. :( Sorry! I'll keep an eye out though.