Sunday, December 18, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 - Michael Cinco

If you saw the finale of Cycle 17's America's Next Top Model, you might be as disappointed as I am; I don't want to ruin the season for anyone who hasn't seen the end of the cycle, so we'll move on to something I *did* like this ANTM - Michael Cinco!

****IMAGE SPOILERS***** of the second to last episode of ANTM Cycle 17 coming up!

Some blogs I've read feel Michael Cinco's work to be too costume-y or bling-y, but I disagree. I think his work is absolutely beautiful! I love it and wish I could have it all. ALL. Here is a series of my favorite pieces by Michael showcased in ANTM.

I'm lovin' Lisa's belt and headpiece!

Angelea's shoulderpiece was AMAAAAAZE

Michael Cinco, prince of laser cutting. Unrelated, Angelea is so pretty here!

Check out Alli-cat's dress! To die for!

Another look at Lisa's belt and shoulderpiece.
"I.... want... my... MOMMY!!!"

i LOVE all that shit on Laura's forearm, for reals. No, really, for reals.

Alli'cat's crowning moment! Her necklace is seriously perfect on this outfit.

UGH, i LOVE all this stuff! I would wear any or all of this on a DAILY FREAKING BASIS. I pray that Michael Cinco will outfit me on my wedding day and make me look like a gladiatress/medieval-robo-cop ready to slay the shit out of anybody who happens to be on the aisle. Which will be no-one if I dress like this. Because everyone will be running away screaming.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Karmaloop outfit contest

It's that time again... I've entered another outfit contest! Please vote for me! You need to be signed into facebook and can vote once per day.

Here's the outfit:
Top: Wildfox (bought from Karmaloop)
Shoes: The Lorissa Pump by Sam Edelman (bought from Karamloop)
Jeans: J Brand Coated
Armor Rings: Melody Ehsani (bought from Karmaloop)
Lightning Necklace: The Extras (bought from Karmaloop)
Spike Rings: Noir (bought from Karmaloop)
Clutch: Lucky Mag

In terms of high fashion, it's a bit toned down because, honestly, this is the Karmaloop outfit contest, not the Vogue outfit contest. I figured a more everyday-wear outfit (sans heels) was more appropriate. Besides, I know it says "outfit contest", but it's more a "most votes wins" contest, so it's more like a popularity contest, eh? I should stop entering these; they always break my heart. But here I am trying again anyway! Oh wells!

Let me know if you like my outfit!