Thursday, September 19, 2013

end-of-summer outfit

So... I just noticed that I didn't post any outfits this summer. ACK!  What is my dysfunction?!

Well! I will fix this right now. Here is a quick end-of-summer outfit since it is now fall. It includes some essential summer outfit elements: crop top, denim vest, (faux) leather skirt, and sandals.

Vest - Feed x Target. Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell. Crop top - Beyonce x H&M. Skirt - Charlotte Russe.

I highly recommend the denim hoodie vest from Feed x Target! First, it's for a good cause. Some of the proceeds from the Feed x Target line go towards feeding hungry families in America. This $30 vest will provide approximately 24 meals. Awesome, right? 

Second, it is an all-seasons piece of clothing. This Feed x Target look will be great for fall:
Image credit: Target
 I know I will be wearing the vest all year long (and will probably post pictures here). It is actually quite warm (which I looooove). Third, it has a cotton hood which is so warm and cozy and wonderful comfortable and waghghhhhhghhhghhg it's so nice. I know the Feed x Target collab has died down (and the Phillip Lim x Target is so IT right now), but consider getting some cozy-comfy things from the Feed x Target collab. It's pretty awesome.