Friday, February 1, 2013

Guess who's taking all my money

Happy February, everyone! The month just started and I am already broke because of the Target x Prabal Gurung collab launching Feb 10 THANKS A LOT GUYS

Seriously, I haven't been this excited about a designer collaboration in a long while. When the Target x Neiman Marcus collection came out, I didn't get anything right away (well, except the Rodarte wrapping paper). Despite Karlie Kloss's efforts, I just wasn't super excited about it. But you can bet that I will be stalking the Prabal Gurung items like a panther stalks a deer. A really juicy, brightly-colored, printed deer.

Without further ado, here are my must-have items from the collection! Images are from, which, of course, they got courtesy of Target.


Must have: Sleeveless blouse in First Date print, $26.99, Wedge sandals, $29.99. Two of the most-loved pieces of clothing in my wardrobe are a Jason Wu x Target blouse and a Jason Wu x Target tee. It's because they are versatile tops that can be worn to just about any casual (wear with jeans), business (wear with slacks or a suit), or formal event (wear with matching print skirt) I attend. I think this blouse will have similar versatility.

I just think the white and black wedge sandals are striking, and a good purchase for $29.99. The heel height doesn't look crazy high either - total bonus!

Must have: Short sleeve dress in First Date print and black, $39.99, Wedge sandals in apple red, $29.99. Prabal Gurung is known for his prints, and this dress is no let down. The black side panels might also be a bit slimming. I say might because I am a normal person and haven't gotten to try it on or anything yet.

Between the black and white wedges and these red wedges, my closet definitely has space for these red ones. I love 'em!

Must have: Dress in First Date print, $34.99. My closet (and my budget) only has room for one of the dresses in the last couple pictures, and I'm not sure which one it is. I'll (hopefully be able to) have to try them on and find out! My guess is that it will be this one because screw the slim illusion, I just love this print.

Must have: Sweatshirt in First Date print, $29.99. I just love this print. Just OBSESSED. Let me know if I'm crazy! Usually designer sweaters are a $million gazillon dollars, so a designer sweater for $29.99 seems like a total steal! But again, let me know if I'm crazy. But in general, a fancy sweater is a good investment because they merge the worlds of comfy (yess) and good-looking (yessss). Other bonuses include trendy and will-be-worn-many-times (I couldn't think of a good adjective).

OK! So those were my definitely-stalking, total-hit items. Here are the items that I think might be exciting, but I have my reservations.


May be exciting: Lace-up pumps in Nolita print, $34.99. These shoes are fantastic looking, but I have no idea if they're comfortable or how high the heel is. I already have enough shoes that I have in my closet but never wear. They are totally boring. I need shoes I can wear!!

May be exciting: Dress with full skirt in Floral Crush print, $49.99. I think this dress is lovely but also kinda looks awkward in the picture. This dress you DEFINITELY have to try on before deciding to buy. The fitted waist may end up too low (or high) on a person that is a different height than the model.... that's just about everyone. Whether this dress looks good or not totally depends on proportion and material, so this is definitely a try-on-before-you-buy-on this dress.

May be exciting: Blazer Floral Crush print, $49.99. I think I love the blazer but I can't tell because this outfit is so crazy.

May be exciting: Lace-up pumps in Meet the Parents print, $39.99. I am split on these shoes. They are kinda awesome. But kinda ugly. Which probably means I'll get them. What do you think?

If you're wondering what I'm definitely not going to get, I'm not feeling any of the jewelry, the miniskirts, the shorts, or the dress in the last picture in any color.

What are your thoughts on this collection? What are you definitely going to buy and/or avoid?