Sunday, December 18, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 - Michael Cinco

If you saw the finale of Cycle 17's America's Next Top Model, you might be as disappointed as I am; I don't want to ruin the season for anyone who hasn't seen the end of the cycle, so we'll move on to something I *did* like this ANTM - Michael Cinco!

****IMAGE SPOILERS***** of the second to last episode of ANTM Cycle 17 coming up!

Some blogs I've read feel Michael Cinco's work to be too costume-y or bling-y, but I disagree. I think his work is absolutely beautiful! I love it and wish I could have it all. ALL. Here is a series of my favorite pieces by Michael showcased in ANTM.

I'm lovin' Lisa's belt and headpiece!

Angelea's shoulderpiece was AMAAAAAZE

Michael Cinco, prince of laser cutting. Unrelated, Angelea is so pretty here!

Check out Alli-cat's dress! To die for!

Another look at Lisa's belt and shoulderpiece.
"I.... want... my... MOMMY!!!"

i LOVE all that shit on Laura's forearm, for reals. No, really, for reals.

Alli'cat's crowning moment! Her necklace is seriously perfect on this outfit.

UGH, i LOVE all this stuff! I would wear any or all of this on a DAILY FREAKING BASIS. I pray that Michael Cinco will outfit me on my wedding day and make me look like a gladiatress/medieval-robo-cop ready to slay the shit out of anybody who happens to be on the aisle. Which will be no-one if I dress like this. Because everyone will be running away screaming.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Karmaloop outfit contest

It's that time again... I've entered another outfit contest! Please vote for me! You need to be signed into facebook and can vote once per day.

Here's the outfit:
Top: Wildfox (bought from Karmaloop)
Shoes: The Lorissa Pump by Sam Edelman (bought from Karamloop)
Jeans: J Brand Coated
Armor Rings: Melody Ehsani (bought from Karmaloop)
Lightning Necklace: The Extras (bought from Karmaloop)
Spike Rings: Noir (bought from Karmaloop)
Clutch: Lucky Mag

In terms of high fashion, it's a bit toned down because, honestly, this is the Karmaloop outfit contest, not the Vogue outfit contest. I figured a more everyday-wear outfit (sans heels) was more appropriate. Besides, I know it says "outfit contest", but it's more a "most votes wins" contest, so it's more like a popularity contest, eh? I should stop entering these; they always break my heart. But here I am trying again anyway! Oh wells!

Let me know if you like my outfit!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pants Trance

I own just about every style of basic blue jean out there. Skinny, straight leg, flares, bootcut - you name it, I probably have it. That's probably why I am so enTRANCEd by shiny, go-get-'em, in-your-face, absolutely-blinding, oh-my-god-is-that-girl-actually-wearing-that PANTS. Here are the fancy pants that are on my current wish list in order of most want to least want (oh please Santa, I've been good.... OK, honestly, not really):

AG Adriano Goldschmied Sequin Ponte Pants in Navy, currently $225. Buy at Bloomingdales (where the image is from).

Siwy Hannah in Chrome, currently $174. Buy at, where the image is from.

Joe's Jeans Leopard Print skinny jeans (from the Wild collection), currently $169. Buy at Nordstrom's, where the image lives.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Leatherette Legging in Red, currently $198. You can buy them at boutiquetoyou, where the image lives. Ohhhhh, damn you, AG! Damn your good looking pants!

Joe's Jeans Coated Skinny in Teal, currently $169. Buy at Nordstrom's, where the image is from.

J Brand Sparkle Coated Jeggings in Sterling, currently $202. Buy at Bloomingdales, where the image is housed. Side note: I have a pair of J Brand Agnes coated skinny in Stealth. The gloss coating is actually not shiny enough for my taste, but I still want the J Brand Sparkle Coated anyway because J Brand is usually sooooo comfy! Definitely worth the extra $$ for the high quality denim.

ASOS Skinny Jeans with Foil Snake Print, currently $80.86. Buy at ASOS (where image cred goes). This is last on my list ONLY because I've never worn ASOS jeans before, so I don't know how soft and comfy their denim material is. That is something really important to me.

And there you have it! My fancy pants lust list! You can actually find shiny pants alternatives on eBay for much much cheaper (like $40-$60); just search "sequin pants" and the like. Unfortunately that won't work for me; my skin is super sensitive (can anyone say "horrible excema"? no?) and so I have to be really careful of the cloth quality of skinny pants. So, all I can do is stare at my pants list with puppy eyes and hope I can afford a pair soon... not that I can choose just one from this list!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 ways to wear your DIY detachable collar

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I posted. To make up for it, I've got a fun one for you today!

So after reading rookiemag's post on how to DIY your own detachable collar, I was totally inspired by how easy it looked! The post basically says just cut a collar off a shirt, including the neckband. I immediately went to Goodwill and snagged an otherwise ugly shirt with a really cute collar:

Shapeless lace shirt-thing from Goodwill... with awesome buttons

All I did with this was snip off the collar and *voila* I was done! Check out my new, totally awesome detachable collar:

Close-up, in all its glory!

There are 3 ways you can rock your totally awesome new DIY detachable collar.

1. By itself (of course)!

Oh, this thing is so cool

This thing is a statement all by itself; you don't need to go crazy with it. Wear it with some basics and you're good to go! It adds automatic cool to whatever boring (or not boring, whatever) things you're wearing.

2. With pins.
Do I (or don't I) look dapper? (Sorry for the allergy spots on my face).

You can dress up your collar (in case it's not dressy enough as it is for you) with your favorite pins/brooches. I bought this wicked brooch pin from ASOS (it's hard to deny free shipping both ways), and I love it. I like the contrast of the spiked pins with the girly lace.

3. With a tie or bow (or bowtie).
Aww, so sweet! *barf*

You can still treat a detachable collar as, well, a collar, so tie a necktie or bow around it. I'm not very good at tying bows, but I still tried.

There you have it! Go cut yourself off a collar and get to playing with it! Let me know which look you like best and how you'd wear it!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tatiana, queen of the faeries

SO, while they were going on, I sent a lot of entries into Cat Deeley's "In the Dressing Room" dress-up competitions, and it was a LOT of fun! If you're asking yourself,"What the *bleep* is she talking about?", I'll fill you in. During the weeks of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat gave away two items from her dressing room every week. To enter, you had to send in a themed photo, and the theme was designated by Cat twice a week (a different one for each item she was giving away). Cat was waaaaayy creative with the themes - they ranged from "show me your military chic" to "dress as if you were Cruella de Ville". It felt a little bit like Halloween!

One of the themes I dressed up for was "Tatiana, queen of the faeries" (from Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream). What do you think?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

H & M metallic knit sweater

Please excuse the surly look on my face, but I love this H&M metallic knit sweater I picked up in France! I promise, I'm happy on the inside.

Metallic is so in for the fall! How are you going to edge metallics into your wardrobe this fall? Casually, with a bit of shine added into your mattes? or all-out tin-woman?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

little lace dress

It seems like, in the past year, everyone's been doing their own version of a little lace dress:
Bluemarine lace dress, $1750 at Nordstrom

Nightcap clothing lace dress, about $350

Jean Paul Gaultier Lace Dress, $395 at Bergdorf Goodman

French Connection Lace Shift Dress, $301.87 at ASOS.
French Connection Nero Lace Dress

Dolce and Gabbana Lace Dress

This ubiquitous look, while both darling and daring, can be a bit expensive (a good awesome bit). Honestly, I am quite smitten by the lace mini's both subdued and overstated sexy siren call. That's why I was overjoyed when I found this gorgeousness at Forever 21 for less than $25:
Ain't she a beaut? (the dress, I mean)
Grrrrr, creepy serial killer

Which shoes do you like better with the dress... the heels or the combat boots?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from vacation with an outfit post

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile - I was on vacation and didn't really have internet connection. It's very sad; I had internet withdrawal symptoms (basically, I was a grumpy b*tch without internet)! Who knew I was addicted to the internet?!?!

I will post more on my FABulous trip (yes, even without internet) to France and Italy later, but for now I'll do a DIY outfit post.

So, first let me start by saying I really REALLY love this Rebecca Minkoff Rumi Dress:
Isn't it just beautiful? I love the draping of the skirt! Image cred: shopbop and coturesnob

so much so that I almost bought it - until the price went up to almost $400 (originally the price was around $325). Since that is wayyyy too much for my college student budget, I decided to make the skirt portion of the dress myself!

I bought this skirt on eBay for about $15, including shipping.
A bit too bridal party for normal wear.

It's a skirt from David's Bridal, in a champagne color. There are 3 layers to the skirt, 1 mesh layer and 2 lining layers:
All 3 layers.

The 2 lining layers.

The skirt is an A-line skirt with a rounded hem. I decided to use one of the lining layers to make my Rebecca Minkoff-like skirt. I had to remove the top band to separate the layers. Here is what one of the lining layers looks like separated from the rest of the skirt:

One of the lining layers - this was used to make my skirt!

To make the skirt, I obviously need to cut the front short and keep the back long. I wish I could tell you a fool-proof way to do this, but it was honestly trial and error on my part. I definitely ruined one of the two lining layers trying to get this right! In case it helps, here is what the cut looked like on the finished skirt:
The skirt is folded in half. F stands for "front of skirt" and is on the right side of the picture.

From right to left, I would say 3/4 of the skirt is a slow drop from the front of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt, then a cut back up for the last 1/4 to avoid a tail. Also, when resewing the band on the top of the skirt, be careful where you scrunch the skirt as it will determine where the folds of the skirt will be.

And finally, here is what the finished skirt looks like!
Love the drapey folds!

It's no Rebecca Minkoff, but it satisfies my drapey high-low cravings! Honestly, I love it. What do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Outfit post

Aside: Please vote for me (April) in this fashion face-off battle! I'm in second place right now and really need votes! I'll love you forever!

I've been watching a lot of "My So Called Life" recently. Honestly, I was spurred to watch it by a Tavi Style Rookie post - and it turns out I love the series. The style on the show is rubbing off on me. I want to live in large plaid layers! Here is my "My So Called Life"-inspired outfit (without the crazy hair).

It's only natural I'm wearing two different legwear as my watching of "My So Called Life" is Tavi inspired, and Tavi did the mismatched legwear first. Ever. Okay, maybe not ever. But still.

Get the look:
Dress Layer - Free People Space Dye Slip - Buy at Revolve
Plaid Layer - Free People Tiger Eye Tunic - Buy at 6pm
Necklace - Lucky Brand - Buy on eBay
Leggings - I got both of these at ASOS on sale
Shoes - Steve Madden Zorba - Buy at Dr Jays or Bealls

Aside: Please vote for me (April) in this fashion face-off battle! I'm in second place right now and really need votes! I'll love you forever!