Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's all about me

I just read a NY times article arguing the existence of an increase of narcissism over the past 30 years, based on studies of song lyrics. Statistics show that the words "I" and "me" have appeared more frequently in popular song lyrics over the past several decades, and these results have been correlated with results of a "Narcissism Personality Inventory" questionnaire. The article also suggested that these increases may also be correlated with higher levels of loneliness and depression. The author admitted that all these correlations might be a bit of a stretch, but that there was merit in the studies done.

Personally, I feel that the increase in the words "I" and "me" in song lyrics over the past 30 years is necessarily a reflection of narcissism, but more a reflection of self-absorbence, be it positive or negative. Looking back on the times when I felt loneliest and most depressed, I have to admit that those were the times I was most self-absorbed. I spent much of my time thinking about how ugly I was, how much I suck, how people had wronged me in the past, how I sounded in a particular conversation, wondering how other people perceived me, why don't people come and talk to me, why does no-one care about me, etc. etc.

If I compare those sad times to my current, generally happy lifestyle, I notice that I am now much more interested in many specific other peoples' lives. I care more about my family and friends and am not worried about how they view me.

However, I do feel I am still self-absorbed so I am trying to apply these tips to become a less self-absorbed person:
1. Actively talk to people and start conversations (instead of waiting for people to come talk to me).
2. Converse without talking about myself or what I've done/I'll be doing at all. (this one is hard for me)
3. Reach out and talk to my family and friends more often; keep in touch often and see how they're doing.
4. Help people I don't know without them asking.
5. Help people I DO know without them asking.
6. Ask people more questions about their lives and opinions.
7. Not worry about how people perceive me. (this one is really hard for me)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Picks for Piperlime - The Good

Honestly, all of Rachel Zoe's approximately 300 picks for Piperlime are, of course, to die for. She has a talent for picking out things that look really expensive, no matter their actual price tag. They are also, of course, of a very specific feminine-fashion style (Piperlime describes it as 70's-glam, boho-chic). Here are my favorites from her list in order of most likely to least likely to buy.
Sam Edelman Leroy in Black, $130. I love espadrille! And the height is just fantastic for, you know, not dying (3.5" heel, 1" platform). I might cave and buy these... immediately.
Eight Sexy strapless dress, $47. I can't get over how much I like the color. Metallics are in!
A. Hive and Honey Evelyn in Ivory Veg Calf, $99.50. It's a comfortable height (4" heel, 1" platform) and will get a lot of use for spring/summer! B. Calvin Klein Jeans Sally, $109. A staple shoe. C. Steve Madden I-Dreemy, $100. I love shiny things. Enough said.

MM Couture Floral Print Dress, $102. I wouldn't have picked this out if left to my own devices, but now that it has been forced into my radar I quite like this!
BCBG generation Aztec in Black or Honey, $78. This would be a killer clutch for the couture dinner or party that I will never go to, and so I will buy it with the money I don't have. A girl can dream, right?! Even if it is sarcastically.
Ash Vivian, $195. I don't know how I feel about "flatforms"... honestly I think flatforms are kinda ugly. But THESE wedges, with a 4" heel and 1.75" platform, are both pretty and comfortable for spring/summer.
Shoshanna Lace Shift Dress, $395. This would be perfect for a night out... if I ever had nights out. Alas, with my lifestyle, it would basically just hang in my closet for daily admiring, maybe try it on for a few minutes, perhaps take some pictures for chictopia or something.... and then go back into the closet. So I'm going to save my four hundred dollars, but if you have a lifestyle of nights out then you should consider this and I will be jealous.

Velvet Ombre Sequin Top, $98. Cuz I'm crazy... crazy for sequins!!1
Sam & Lavi Caitlin Top, $71. Yep, still cray cray.
Milly Heidi Sundress, $395. This is something I could actually wear, to an even that I would actually go to. Yay!
Rag & Bone terry cardigan, $290. If you ignore the fact that it is ridiculously overpriced, you will realize there is nothing more you can ask from a cardigan. It is the perfect cream cardigan. Too bad it is freaking expensive.
Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton sweater, $268. Wow, how I love this sweater. It looks so comfy. I mean, it better damn well be for hundreds of dollars.

I really don't need another bag, so these are at the bottom of the list, but I do actually LOVE and COVET all of these (in no specific order):

1. Linea Pelle Dylan in Black or Brown, $435. Expensive cuz it's so perfect - no one can accuse you of having an old lady bag with this edgy bag slung around your shoulder!
2. Fossil Vintage Reissue II Flap, $108. I love structured bags and this one is just perfect. Affordable too!
4. Melie Bianco Madison, $82. I. Love. Structured. Bags.

Giveaways to enter

Here are some fun giveaways/sweeps to enter:

Last Call Neiman Marcus - win $5000 GC by signing up for their mailing list, until July 30 2011
ASOS on facebook -Fantasy Festival giveaway - win one item of your choice (think festivals) up to $180 from ASOS, one winner per hour until Tues, May 3.
Karmaloop, Jesse Jo x Vans - Win an entire Jesse Jo x Vans Outfit plus a custom card from Vans to design your own shoes; winner picked Thurs, May 5. and - win a HGTV Green Home 2011, a custom-built, fully furnished, eco-fabulous home situated in Stapleton, Denver's premier sustainable community ends June 2, 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Deal Steal

One of the features I love from one of my favorite blogs Denim Debutante is their "Denim Deal of the Day". They've tipped me off to some amaaaaaaazing denim deals with these posts... and I couldn't love them more for it! For example, they just posted about selling all their in-stock Radcliff jeans for $14.95 ... and also made some fabulous recommendations! Friggin' sweet deal, right?

As the saying goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery... or something like that... so here's today's take on "Denim Deal of the Day".
Retail: $117
Price: $18.72 with code: LOVE
Sizes available as of RIGHT NOW: Aqua - XS, S ; Vintage Blue - XS, S, M

I'm thinking about getting one myself!

Giveaways to enter

Luello - win a $5000 shopping spree (ends May 31, at 11:59 PM ET)

I entered both too! Let me know if you win!

Online coupon codes

I love online coupons, promo codes, you name it! There are so many online retailers though; they can be hard to keep in track. Here are some good ones you might have missed (all clothes/accessories/makeup):

Kensie - 30% off entire purchase, expires Mon, April 25 at midnight
Stefani bags - extra 25% off sale bags, expires Mon, April 25 at midnight. code: LOVEMOM
Luello - 20% off regular priced items, expires Mon, April 25 at midnight EST
Jessica Simpson - 25% all sale, expires Mon, April 25 at midnight EST. code: SPRING
Vince Camuto - 20% off ANY purchase, expires May 1. code: APRIL
DJ Premium - 25% full priced items, expires Tues, April 26 at 8 PM. code: DJP25APR
Black Label Boutique - 20% off sale. code: LOVE
BeautyBar - $15 off $50. Code: BBLOVESR29

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage find

Isn't this pleasure doing business skirt beautiful? Wish it were my size.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love maxi skirts!

Before this year, I'd never been a maxi kind of girl. But then in January I got hives on my legs (stupid food allergies) and I needed something comfortable to wear to work.... enter maxi skirts! Since then, I have embraced maxi skirts and wear them every chance I can!

I love this Melody Ehsani armadillo ring!

Cropped Tee: Wildfox; Skirt: American Apparel; Tank Top: VS; Boots: Rocketdog

The Wildfox slasher tee is soooo comfy; I can understand why Wildfox is a celebrity favorite! I've always wondered what I would buy If I had a lot of disposable income and lots of time to go shopping... and celebrities usually have both, so I'm always curious about brands that all sorts of celebrities wear time after time. They usually fall in one of three categories: trendy, insanely comfy, or timeless. Wildfox basically fits all of these categories. Wearing Wildfox will convince you to buy more Wildfox!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love clothes, detest trends

I love clothes. Really really love clothes. I love getting dressed up. Of course, I also love fashion. Give me a magazine of Vogue and I'll be one happy little weird girl! What I don't love are trends. Why should I wear floral patterns because it's a spring 2011 trend? I'll wear flowers whenever I damn well please. I'll color block when I feel like it. In fact, I thumb my nose at the Pantone colors of the season - poo poo to you! Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, I say. You are beautiful.