Friday, September 7, 2012

Kirna Zabete for Target!

It's that time again... another designer collection drops at Target this Sunday, September 9! So excited! You can click through the looks here, and find all the prices here by clicking on each look.

I will be the first to admit... I am a victim of overspending on designer collections at Target. While many pieces work themselves into my weekly attire, I have way too much unworn Missoni x Target, Jason Wu x Target, Tucker x Target, Etc. x Target cluttering my closets. Taking up space. Mocking me. Saying "you were soooo excited to drop money on me and thought you were getting a bargain! Now you never wear me." I am a Sucker x Target. Well, this time I VOW to not fall into that trap. I will not buy overzealously! Never again, designer collections! I will SHOP SMART.

Here are my picks, maybes, and definitely skips of the entire Kirna Zabete for Target collection. All images are from


#1. Faux leather skirt, $39.99.

You'll be hard pressed to find a version of this skirt cheaper, and this skirt will be on trend every fall. Buy it now, wear it for the next decade.

#2. Long-sleeve shirt dress in blue/black ikat print, $39.99.
Well, this is a bit of a guess because the dress is obscured by the cardigan, but, from what I can tell, this dress is ageless, meaning you can wear it no matter your age! Also, it is a dress for all functions, avoiding the three S's: skanky, stale, and snooze-inducing. It can be accessorized to your style - punk it up with a lot of studs and combat boots or wear it polished with a blazer and chic heels. Up to you!

#3. Blazer in blue/black, exclusive, $49.99.
The contrast trim makes this closet staple modern, and a bright blue blazer is a bit unexpected in comparison to its black counterpart.

#4. Faux leather leggings, $29.99.
Get your trends cheap, that's what I always say. Leather pants are in this fall, so nab a pair at a relatively cheap price! Score!


#1. High-low hem skirt in blue geometric print, $29.99.
This entire look is too matchy-matchy and way too overwhelming. However, the skirt as a separate has a very chic print and very on-trend silhouette. Pair it with a plain white tee and you're good to go!

#2. Hard case clutch, $34.99.
I am really loving the red clutch and the black clutch and the lace-printed clutch (I'm such a sucker), but I feel $34.99 is a steep price for one of these from Target. The workmanship (e.g., will it fall apart in a season? does it look cheap in person?) will determine whether this maybe goes to yes or definitely no.

Definitely Skip

#1. Metallic Jacquard skirt in teal, $39.99.
Eh, I think this shiny skirt looks tacky. Don't get me wrong, I usually LOVE shiny things, way past the point of tackiness, but this skirt doesn't have appeal. I might have liked it as a pencil skirt, but it's not working for me as is.

#2. Trench coat in "leopard kiss print", $59.99.
The cut of this trench is great, the model looks great in it, and this outfit looks great, but in a few months this print will scream "Jersey Shore!!!!". I mean, the name of the print is "leopard kiss". Just think about it.

#3. Blazer in black, $49.99.

#4. Sequin shift-dress in black/white, $44.99.
Call me unimaginative, but I am just not seeing how this dress could be made to look good.


Haven't we seen these before?!

#1. Color block cardigan in navy/black, $32.99.
This cardigan looks too much like the Missoni for Target version... if you didn't get that one, then, by all means, get this one! Otherwise, you basically already have it.

#2. Zip-front dress, $49.99.

This dress basically looks like the Jason Wu x Target version, but in grey...? And not nearly as cute?

Anyway, that's my assessment. Is there anything you're definitely going to get? Going to skip?

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