Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love maxi skirts!

Before this year, I'd never been a maxi kind of girl. But then in January I got hives on my legs (stupid food allergies) and I needed something comfortable to wear to work.... enter maxi skirts! Since then, I have embraced maxi skirts and wear them every chance I can!

I love this Melody Ehsani armadillo ring!

Cropped Tee: Wildfox; Skirt: American Apparel; Tank Top: VS; Boots: Rocketdog

The Wildfox slasher tee is soooo comfy; I can understand why Wildfox is a celebrity favorite! I've always wondered what I would buy If I had a lot of disposable income and lots of time to go shopping... and celebrities usually have both, so I'm always curious about brands that all sorts of celebrities wear time after time. They usually fall in one of three categories: trendy, insanely comfy, or timeless. Wildfox basically fits all of these categories. Wearing Wildfox will convince you to buy more Wildfox!

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