Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Picks for Piperlime - The Good

Honestly, all of Rachel Zoe's approximately 300 picks for Piperlime are, of course, to die for. She has a talent for picking out things that look really expensive, no matter their actual price tag. They are also, of course, of a very specific feminine-fashion style (Piperlime describes it as 70's-glam, boho-chic). Here are my favorites from her list in order of most likely to least likely to buy.
Sam Edelman Leroy in Black, $130. I love espadrille! And the height is just fantastic for, you know, not dying (3.5" heel, 1" platform). I might cave and buy these... immediately.
Eight Sexy strapless dress, $47. I can't get over how much I like the color. Metallics are in!
A. Hive and Honey Evelyn in Ivory Veg Calf, $99.50. It's a comfortable height (4" heel, 1" platform) and will get a lot of use for spring/summer! B. Calvin Klein Jeans Sally, $109. A staple shoe. C. Steve Madden I-Dreemy, $100. I love shiny things. Enough said.

MM Couture Floral Print Dress, $102. I wouldn't have picked this out if left to my own devices, but now that it has been forced into my radar I quite like this!
BCBG generation Aztec in Black or Honey, $78. This would be a killer clutch for the couture dinner or party that I will never go to, and so I will buy it with the money I don't have. A girl can dream, right?! Even if it is sarcastically.
Ash Vivian, $195. I don't know how I feel about "flatforms"... honestly I think flatforms are kinda ugly. But THESE wedges, with a 4" heel and 1.75" platform, are both pretty and comfortable for spring/summer.
Shoshanna Lace Shift Dress, $395. This would be perfect for a night out... if I ever had nights out. Alas, with my lifestyle, it would basically just hang in my closet for daily admiring, maybe try it on for a few minutes, perhaps take some pictures for chictopia or something.... and then go back into the closet. So I'm going to save my four hundred dollars, but if you have a lifestyle of nights out then you should consider this and I will be jealous.

Velvet Ombre Sequin Top, $98. Cuz I'm crazy... crazy for sequins!!1
Sam & Lavi Caitlin Top, $71. Yep, still cray cray.
Milly Heidi Sundress, $395. This is something I could actually wear, to an even that I would actually go to. Yay!
Rag & Bone terry cardigan, $290. If you ignore the fact that it is ridiculously overpriced, you will realize there is nothing more you can ask from a cardigan. It is the perfect cream cardigan. Too bad it is freaking expensive.
Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton sweater, $268. Wow, how I love this sweater. It looks so comfy. I mean, it better damn well be for hundreds of dollars.

I really don't need another bag, so these are at the bottom of the list, but I do actually LOVE and COVET all of these (in no specific order):

1. Linea Pelle Dylan in Black or Brown, $435. Expensive cuz it's so perfect - no one can accuse you of having an old lady bag with this edgy bag slung around your shoulder!
2. Fossil Vintage Reissue II Flap, $108. I love structured bags and this one is just perfect. Affordable too!
4. Melie Bianco Madison, $82. I. Love. Structured. Bags.

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