Monday, May 9, 2011

Wear Red Wear Hope

Chictopia is doing a very cute Japan fundraiser, called "Wear Red Wear Hope". Chictopia members wear red and spread the word to friends and family to donate to the Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief funds. It is the fashion community equivalent to a walk-a-thon. The people in Japan are still suffering from the effects of the natural disasters, and anything will help. You can donate to the Red Cross Japan relief fund here.

The shirt is from Karmaloop's Japan fundraiser.

The jeans are J Brand Agnes Coated Zip Skinny in Stealth. JP from denimdebutante helped me with my sizing difficulties, as I wasn't able to try these on before I bought them from the interwebs (I got them on ebay). J Brand runs small, so I gave her my size from a different J Brand pair and she gave me her recommendation (size 28 for me). Truth be told... these babies fit like a dream! I've been jones-ing for a waxed jean for a very long time, and I'm really glad I got these. The denim material is a lot thinner than I thought it would be, which I actually really love - people have complained that many pairs of waxed jeans feel very stiff, which is not the case for the J Brand Agnes coated. It feels sort of like the Houlihan (although you should likely size down for Houlihans). The "cropped" 28 inch inseam is the perfect non-cropped inseam para mi, as you can tell from the pictures. I am 5'5" and buying a pair of jeans without having to hem them is near impossible, so I LOVE MADLY that these fit me without me having to do anything! OH, INSTANT GRATIFICATION, you are the best! ANYHOO, if you ever need help with denim sizing, HIT UP JP. She really is a most knowledgeable person about denim, if you can't tell from her sweet blog, and is SUPA AWESOME.

Specs for the rest of the outfit: Jacket - Jack BB Dakota; Shoes - Kelsi Dagger; Necklace - Lucky Brand. Follow me on chictopia if you aren't already!

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