Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Picks for Piperlime - The Bad and the Ugly

The other day I listed my favorites from Rachel Zoe's picks for Piperlime, and so today I'll post the counterpoint. Here are the picks that I think are not so good.

Tibi Athena Belted Dress, $385. While I love the print, the ruffles on the sides are a little too much. It kinda looks like the dress is shedding, and adds a wideness - the last thing I need is a dress make me look more wide! I guess that's why only the size 2 is sold out....?
IRO Shana Dress, $307.50. This dress is strange in that it's conservative on the top but super short on the bottom. That works for some dresses, but... not this one.
Parker Button Down Top, $198. I dunno about you, but this one says "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" to me. Rachel Zoe is an amazing stylist, I'm sure she could make it work, but me... not so much.
Dolce Vita Layla in Gold, $98. These look too much like house slippers. In fact I think my dad has a pair similar to these.

Honestly, that's it.... I liked (or at least could see on someone else) 98.7% of Rachel Zoe's picks, although 98% is too expensive for me. Oh, the plight of the college student! :P

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