Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from vacation with an outfit post

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile - I was on vacation and didn't really have internet connection. It's very sad; I had internet withdrawal symptoms (basically, I was a grumpy b*tch without internet)! Who knew I was addicted to the internet?!?!

I will post more on my FABulous trip (yes, even without internet) to France and Italy later, but for now I'll do a DIY outfit post.

So, first let me start by saying I really REALLY love this Rebecca Minkoff Rumi Dress:
Isn't it just beautiful? I love the draping of the skirt! Image cred: shopbop and coturesnob

so much so that I almost bought it - until the price went up to almost $400 (originally the price was around $325). Since that is wayyyy too much for my college student budget, I decided to make the skirt portion of the dress myself!

I bought this skirt on eBay for about $15, including shipping.
A bit too bridal party for normal wear.

It's a skirt from David's Bridal, in a champagne color. There are 3 layers to the skirt, 1 mesh layer and 2 lining layers:
All 3 layers.

The 2 lining layers.

The skirt is an A-line skirt with a rounded hem. I decided to use one of the lining layers to make my Rebecca Minkoff-like skirt. I had to remove the top band to separate the layers. Here is what one of the lining layers looks like separated from the rest of the skirt:

One of the lining layers - this was used to make my skirt!

To make the skirt, I obviously need to cut the front short and keep the back long. I wish I could tell you a fool-proof way to do this, but it was honestly trial and error on my part. I definitely ruined one of the two lining layers trying to get this right! In case it helps, here is what the cut looked like on the finished skirt:
The skirt is folded in half. F stands for "front of skirt" and is on the right side of the picture.

From right to left, I would say 3/4 of the skirt is a slow drop from the front of the skirt to the bottom of the skirt, then a cut back up for the last 1/4 to avoid a tail. Also, when resewing the band on the top of the skirt, be careful where you scrunch the skirt as it will determine where the folds of the skirt will be.

And finally, here is what the finished skirt looks like!
Love the drapey folds!

It's no Rebecca Minkoff, but it satisfies my drapey high-low cravings! Honestly, I love it. What do you think?

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