Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wine Weekend

The weekend before last, I attended a sort of wine-tasting festival in Denver, cleverly entitled unWINEd. I got my ticket through Groupon (love 'em), and it was a total blast! Food and, of course, drink were all included, and was super fun to do with friends. If you're in the Denver area, I'd definitely recommend going to their next event!

As soon as the tickets were bought, I immediately started thinking about my outfit (obviously), and realized it needed to fit the following criteria:

1. It needed to be wine-proof. I mean, obviously. It was a wine-tasting festival, so there were going to be as many drunk, stumbling people as leaves on a tree. Wearing light colors would be just damn foolish.

2. It needed to be lightweight. The event was during a hot weekend in July, at 11 AM. Wine indoors, food outdoors. Even the thought of leggings made me start sweating!

3. It needed to be loose around the midsection. Some people like to go to events and not eat or drink. That person is not me. If I'm going to an event centered around eating and drinking, you better damn well believe I'll be eating and drinking until I get kicked out. Fitted tops, high-waisted bottoms, or a waist-cinching belt were all out of the question.

With those criteria in mind, I finally decided on the Cooperative Fireworks Dress that I scored during an Urban Outfitters sale. It's a short navy dress with a lot of beading, beading which wouldn't be stained by wine splashes, and is totally lovely.
The outfit of the day! I smudged out the carpet in the background because, frankly, the carpet is freakin' ugly. Aaaaaaaand I am too lazy to retake pictures. So ya'll get a smudgy tan background. You're welcome?
Close-up of the dress beading.
Accessories of the day. I smudged a bit of pink in with the carpet this time. For you! You're welcome!
The outfit in its entirety at the wine festival!
With my pal
Close up of the hairclip
Close up of the arm candy!
For my bag of choice, I decided on a leather backpack since I wanted something that would dress down the fanciness of the beaded dress. I also wanted a bag that wouldn't be decimated by an accidental wine spill (check) and would be easy to carry while completely obliterated by food and drink (check). My accessories (shell hairclip, earrings with pearls) have a nautical feel because I just came back from a trip to southern Cali, where my family is from! The shell hairclip is from the shell shop in Seal Beach, and the earrings were an incredible find at the Harvey Girls Gallery. They were actually free with a $10 purchase during a "First Friday" event! If you're in the Seal Beach area, I definitely recommend you check 'em out!

What do you think - hit or miss?

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