Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday outfit!

My birthday was recently, and I did a combined birthday party at a friend's house! It was a ton a fun - we drank and played board games. Pretty low-key, but I still wanted to wear a smashing birthday outfit! (No, not birthday suit.)

I love the innerwear-as-outwear trend, and decided to "harden" my feminine slip-worn-as-dress with some tough-glam accessories.

The outfit in all it's glory.

Try and ignore my boyfriend's face. You can't, can you?

Close-up of the bodice of the slip, the belt, and the collar / necklace.

The slip is vintage, the belt is from Mettle Fair Trade, which I've posted about previously and is made from upcycled bombshells, and the collar is one I've D.I.Y.ed

I'm not wearing any lipstick because we were at a friend's house and using her glasses and silverware - that's just common courtesy!

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